Simone key, ma, lpc 

Director and Lead Therapist

Simone Key is a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor with a reputation for delivering exceptional results to her clients. With over ten years experience providing couples and individual counseling, she is also a former teacher, coach, school therapist, wife, and mother. Mrs. Key has worked to restore many marriages once plagued by infidelity, addiction, abuse, incompatibility, and lovelessness. She has extensive experience counseling teens and young adults. 

She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and Certified ADHD Clinical Services Provider. She belongs to the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation which seeks to advance clinical, scientific, and societal understanding about the prevalence and consequences of chronic trauma and dissociation. She is a member of Christian Counselors of Texas. She provides online and in office sessions at your convenience. Email her or call 214-640-051 to schedule your couples or individual session. For more information on therapeutic modality and areas of specialty, please see Mrs. Key's listing at Psychology Today.

Vanessa PalavicinI  

Trauma Recovery and Breathwork Coach

Vanessa Palavicini is a bilingual (English/Spanish) trauma recovery coach currently training in a three year program to provide somatic experiencing therapy to trauma survivors. As a graduate of Texas Christian University, Vanessa received her B.A. in Psychology and has had a passion for personal and spiritual growth throughout her life. She has 18 years of experience in bodywork, leading fitness classes, and various wellness retreats for women. She is currently studying at Dallas Theological Seminary where she is completing graduate work in biblical counseling.


She provides online and in studio sessions. Email her or call 469-233-7701 to learn about her weekly group offerings or schedule your private session.

Priscilla estrada-ortega, ms


Priscilla Estrada-Ortega is a Certified Nutrition Specialist Candidate(CNS) providing nutritional support and health coaching at a functional level. She began her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and completed a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Priscilla is an adjunct nutrition professor at Hill College in Hillsboro, Texas. 


Priscilla specializes in addressing hormonal and digestive issues that affect female health and vitality. Individual diagnostic sessions are provided at the Stella Maris Center or through a telehealth appointment. Set up a session by calling 469-464-9701 or visiting NourishwithPriscilla.

Marnie Parmenter

Fitness Instructor


Marnie Parmenter is a certified Pietra Fitness instructor. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Dallas. While Marnie used to work in administration and teaching, she now spends most of her time tending to marriage and family.


Outside of this, you will find her at the Stella Maris Center leading Pietra classes and sharing her passion for fitness and nutrition. She offers a unique fitness program designed to blend Christian meditation with core strengthening and stretching. For more information about this program visit Pietra Fitness or contact Marnie by email or phone at 214-236-2143.